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Detroit Saxophone Center

You have come to Detroit's premiere saxophone shop and sales.  It is a good idea to set aside a generous amount of time if you tend to visit the store. You are welcome to play through our large selection of modern and vintage instruments and mouthpieces.


DSC Services

Here at Detroit Wayne Music Studio, we have a multitude of services that will help fill your needs. Looking to take lessons, need your instrument repaired, doing research on your old horn, shopping for that vintage saxophone you've been dreaming of? We have it all here!

DSC Online Sales

We carry a wide variety of vintage saxophones from Buescher to Selmer along with new saxophones such as P. Mauriat and Dakota Saxophones. We are continually working to have our online store reflect 100% of our in store inventory, but at this time, the online store cannot adequately convey the instruments that we have under our roof. It's best to stop by the store and see what we have in stock for yourself!

DWMS Instructors

Want to learn how to play saxophone? Always wanted to learn piano but couldn't find an instructor? We can provide private instruction on a multitude of instruments from beginner to advanced. Use the link below to review the biographies of our instructors, and please CONTACT US for further information about rates and schedules.

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