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We are a proud Dakota Saxophone dealer


Detroit Saxophone Center is proud to announce that we carry Dakota Saxophones,  a great addition to our show room.


"Designed in the USA, Sax Dakota USA Saxophones are engineered and hand-built with expert craftsmanship, impeccable mechanical quality, and uncompromising beauty, I've always felt that greatness is rarely achieved through compromise, and that you must always meet the demands and design concepts expressed by exceptional technicians and prominent artists."  Peter LaPlace - Founder


Featured Products

D.S.C. Proudly Stocks The REED GEEK


ReedGeek, Inc. provides woodwind players with powerful products that deliver superb quality and outstanding value. ReedGeek’s products vastly outperform other approaches and possess unique features unavailable elsewhere. ReedGeek Incorporated’s research team is comprised of players and designers with decades of experience performing, designing and improving woodwind instruments. We have encountered and addressed nearly all issues related to reeds; both single and double, and have created innovative solutions to deal with the problems we all face as players. Having trouble understanding why you need a Reed Geek/what it does/how to use it? Come in to the shop for an explanation!

Detroit Metro's Official Dealer of
P. Mauriat Saxophones


Detroit Saxophone Center is the official P. Mauriat dealer in the Detroit Metro area. We are proud and honored to have these saxophones on our showroom floor. Yes, these are the same saxophoes that artists such as James Carter, Bob Reynolds, Greg Osby, and Marcus Strickland use.


P.Mauriat Instruments represent the embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision. All of our horns are handmade in order to bring out the innate characteristics and sound of each exclusive model. With a P.Mauriat you can "Go for the Sound".


Full Line of Jody Jazz Mouthpieces in Stock


Jody Jazz Mouthpieces are now on display in our show room. These have been quite the talk of the town!


In 1999 Professional NYC Musician/Jazz Educator Jody Espina, met legendary saxophonist and mouthpiece maker Santy Runyon. Runyon (see Runyon's bio) was the teacher of Espina's boyhood teacher Junie Ferrell. Jody recognized the unique energy and spirit of Santy and Santy recognized Jody's spirit and thirst for knowledge. Santy customized a mouthpiece to Jody's specifications and when Jody was in love with the mouthpiece it was Santy's idea to produce it for Jody and call it the JodyJazz mouthpiece.


Now Carrying

Detroit Saxophone Center now offers handmade Sax Plugs. Come in to pick your favorite exotic woods. Using a saxophone plug helps to ensure that no damage comes to the octave key mechanism on your saxophone while the instrument is in its case.  Investing in a simple saxophone plug can save you future money on costly repairs due to your instrument shifting in its case and bending the octave key mechanism.


Welcome to, the home for the finest quality handmade end plugs for saxophones! Simply some of the finest end plugs out there, SaxPlugs is constantly trying new ideas to incorporate the end plug into the overall look and experience of the saxophone. Each plug is hand-made from start to finish and is one-of-a-kind.


New To The Showroom Floor

Ted Klum Mouthpieces are now in the showroom. Every one of these mouthpieces are hand crafted. Stop by and see what they are all about!


Ted Klum being first and foremost a saxophonist, designed each model with a specific concept for tonal capability. Each design is executed by being methodically formed and finished to a state of uncompromising perfection. Before leaving the factory, each Ted Klum Signature Series mouthpiece is play tested and signed by Ted Klum.





Now Introducing to DSC, Theo Wanne!

Detroit Saxophone Center is now offering Theo Wanne Mouthpieces to the store. Players such as Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright, Chris get the picture...have been using these mouthpieces. Come by and try one yourself!


Since Theo’s world renowned reputation has always been to create the highest quality mouthpieces in the world, he has pushing the boundaries of technology within his new manufacturing company. They have five patents and many more in process. Theo Wanne utilizes some of the most advanced computer aided software and machinery on the planet.


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