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Jody Jazz Hard Rubber 6* Tenor Mouthpiece

Jody Jazz Hard Rubber 6* Tenor Mouthpiece

***What is the HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece?***

The HR* is a hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece aimed at ' professionals and students looking for a traditional versatile mouthpiece. High quality control standards, a beautiful warm sound and a nice free blowing feel make these new mouthpieces amazing players. We feel that this mouthpiece may be the best hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece on the market.

***Warmth & Beauty***

Jody Jazz get these blanks from a source in Germany and the Hard Rubber has the look, feel and sound of vintage hard Rubber sax mouthpieces that make some of the most sought after mouthpieces. The mouthpieces are faced on a special facing machine and then meticulously hand finished and play tested.
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