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Vandoren V16 Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren V16 Saxophone Reeds

Launched in 1993 to answer the demand of some American jazz musicians (a JAVA with even more wood)
Thicker tip than the traditional Vandoren reeds and a longer pallet.
SOUND: more brilliant, more percussive, particularly well adapted to all the new styles of music.

**Phil Woods**
Nelson Hill gave me a Vandoren V16! He said, "Try it, you'll like it." I tried it. I like it! Eureka! At last a sensible reed! They feel good and the percentage usable reeds is incredible. Somebody is paying attention and I sleep a little better knowing that! The base is thicker giving my old, stretched ligature a better grip and the intonation, always a Vandoren tradition, remains true and spot on!
-Saxophone Journal, May/June 1995

**Be sure to specify reed size and
saxophone needed to see prices**
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